Why Choose a Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist?

What Is A Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist?

From their first tooth to their first day in college, board-certified pediatric dentists are committed to equipping your child with excellent oral habits while providing tailored care so their smile can grow bright and strong.

While all dentists must achieve a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) or Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree, board-certified pediatric dentists pursue additional years of education through a postgraduate pediatric residency program. This requires an annual renewal by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry to ensure Dr. Kramar’s care is best serving your child.

As a board-certified pediatric dentist, you can trust that Dr. Kramar provides compassionate expertise to nurture your child’s developing grin.

Why Is It Important To Form The Doctor/Patient Relationship Early?

Builds Trust

Early visits allow your child time to get to know our caring team. With each appointment, your kiddo will discover that dental visits are nothing to worry about and that their smile is in great hands.

Informs Our Team

Getting to know your child’s unique oral health needs at an early age allows us to craft the best treatment plan possible for a lifetime of thriving smiles.

Strengthens Good Habits

By visiting Dr. Kramar every six months, our team will be able to catch issues before they begin forming in the first place.

Establishing A Dental Home For Your Child

A dental home is a practice where your child receives ongoing care from the same team as they grow from tots to teens. By making Lake Washington Pediatric Dentistry your child’s dental home, they can always look forward to gentle, upbeat care that’s truly tailored to their unique needs and personality. Here are a few benefits of a dental home:

We’ll care for your child through the most formative years of their life

You’ll experience streamlined visits since all of your child’s info will be on record

Our team can help your kiddo take charge of their oral health for life

Happy Patients, Happy Parents

Read Our Reviews

Dr Kramar is by far the best pediatric dentist we’ve ever seen!  I have an extremely nervous child, and she was patient and kind and walked us through the whole appointment.  My child even said that she had a great time (which is miraculous!). I would highly recommend.

My four children have been taken care of by Dr Kramar for three years, and we’ve felt so grateful for her skill as a clinician.  Two of my children unfortunately have a genetic condition where their enamel doesn’t grow properly, and Dr. Kramar has walked us through complex decisions and made us feel heard and understood.  All children would benefit from seeing such a great pediatric dentist.

Dr. Kramar is a delight, and has such a great accent - my kids love her!  She also knows what she’s doing, we had seen two other pediatric dentists and she was able to customize a treatment plan that ended up working great for my child.

When I had my baby, Dr. Kramar took care of her lip and tongue tie, and I was impressed with her knowledge and skill in this area. My lactation consultant said that she refers all her babies to her, as it’s rare to find a provider that understands how complex feeding really is. She was also so kind, as it was a really hard time for me, and she made me feel understood.

A Dental Home For Kids of All Ages

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